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Schriftzug Angewandte Genetik Collage von Motiven der Angewandten Genetik

Dahlem Research School

Member of Dahlem Centre of Plant Sciences (DCPS)

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Institution: Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Biologie, Angewandte Genetik
represented by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmülling
Address: Albrecht-Thaer-Weg 6
D-14195 Berlin
Contact: Phone: +49-30-8 38-5 58 08
Email: tschmuelling{at}
Legal form: The Freie Universität Berlin is a public corporation under the Berlin University Law (§§ 1 and 2, Berliner Hochschulgesetz - BerlHG)
Turnover Tax ID / VAT No.: DE 811304768


New publication

An article about the analysis of a cytokinin-responsive gene of Arabidopsis thaliana encoding a novel F-box protein regulating sterol biosynthesis has been published in Journal of Experimental Botany.
May 2017

New publication

A report about constitutively active mutants of the cytokinin receptors AHK2 und AHK3 and their impact on organ size, flowering time, and plant longevity has been published in Plant Physiology.
March 2017

New publication

An article about the role of the transcription factor ERF105 in freezing tolerance and cold acclimation has been published in Plant Cell and Environment.
January 2017

Krolow Award 2016

The Krolow Award 2016 was given to Dr. Anne Cortleven for her work about the role of Cytokinin in the plant response to high light stress.
November 2016
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