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Dahlem Research School

Member of Dahlem Centre of Plant Sciences (DCPS)

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmülling

Prof. Dr. Schmülling
Phone: +49-30-838-55808
Secretary: +49-30-838-55801
Fax: +49-30-838-455801
Email: tschmue{at}

Research interests

  • Schmülling, T. (2003) Metabolismus und Signalübertragung der Cytokinine. Biospektrum 3/2003, 256-259. External link PDF in German language
  • Schmülling, T. (2004) Cytokinin. In Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry (Eds. Lennarz, W., Lane, M.D.) Academic Press/Elsevier Science. Exteral link PDF
Cytokinin function Cytokinin metabolism and funktion
Key publications:
  • Werner, T., Motyka, V., Strnad, M., Schmülling, T. (2001) Regulation of plant growth by cytokinins. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 98, 10487-10492. External link PDF
  • Werner, T., Motyka, V., Laucou, V., Smets, R., Van Onckelen, H., Schmülling, T. (2003) Cytokinin-deficient transgenic Arabidopsis plants show multiple developmental alterations indicating opposite functions of cytokinins in regulating shoot and root meristem activity. Plant Cell 15, 2532-2550. External link PDF
    See also the editorial in Plant Cell External link PDF
  • Werner, T., Schmülling, T. (2009) Cytokinin action in plant development. Curr. Opin. Plant Biol. 12, . External link PDF

Cytokinin signal transduction Cytokinin signal transduction
Key publications:
  • Heyl, A., Schmülling, T. (2003) Cytokinin signal perception and transduction. Curr. Opin. Plant Biol. 6, 480-488. (Review) External link PDF
  • Spíchal, L., Raková, N.Y., Riefler, M., Mizuno, T., Romanov, G.A., Strnad, M., Schmülling, T. (2004) Two cytokinin receptors of Arabidopsis thaliana, CRE1/AHK4 and AHK3, differ in their ligand specificity in a bacterial assay. Plant Cell Physiol. 45, 1299-1305. External link PDF
  • Riefler, M., Novak, O., Strnad, M., Schmülling, T. (2006) Arabidopsis cytokinin receptor mutants reveal functions in shoot growth, leaf senescence, seed size, germination, root development and cytokinin metabolism. Plant Cell 18, 40-54. External link PDF

Differentiation mutants Plant differentiation mutants: TSD and TUP genes
Key publication:
  • Krupková, E., Immerzeel, P., Pauly, M., Schmülling, T. (2007) The TUMOROUS SHOOT DEVELOPMENT2 gene of Arabidopsis encoding a putative methyltransferase is required for cell adhesion and co-ordinated plant development. Plant J. 50, 735-750. External link PDF

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List of Master, diploma and doctoral theses


New publication

A review article about a novel type of stress in plants caused by alteration of the photoperiod has been published in Trends in Plant Science.
September 2017

New publication

An article about the analysis of a cytokinin-responsive gene of Arabidopsis thaliana encoding a novel F-box protein regulating sterol biosynthesis has been published in Journal of Experimental Botany.
May 2017

New publication

A report about constitutively active mutants of the cytokinin receptors AHK2 und AHK3 and their impact on organ size, flowering time, and plant longevity has been published in Plant Physiology.
March 2017

New publication

An article about the role of the transcription factor ERF105 in freezing tolerance and cold acclimation has been published in Plant Cell and Environment.
January 2017
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