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Schriftzug Angewandte Genetik Collage von Motiven der Angewandten Genetik

Dahlem Research School

Member of Dahlem Centre of Plant Sciences (DCPS)

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The staff of Applied Genetics

Members of the Applied Genetics

Mhyeddeen Halawa Dr. Wolfgang Schuster Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmülling Sabine Thiel Frank Neugebauer Nijuscha Gruhn Tanja Margareta Herzog Dr. Elke Diederichsen Corduka Braatz Dr. Ireen Schwarz Ariane Hohenstein Dr. Anne Cortleven
Name Position Phone
Bajaj, Ishita Ph. D. student 56794 ishitabajaj.16{at}
Bigalke, Sabine Technician 56792 s.bigalke{at}
Bischofberger, Sebastian Technician 51842 bischofberger.s{at}
Bittner, Dr. Norbert Postdoc 55815 norbert.bittner{at}}
Braatz, Cordula Technician 56795, 56873 c.braatz{at}
Brock, Louisa Ph.D. student 56792, 56874 louisa.brock{at}
Bursch, Katharina Ph.D. student 56794, 53551 kbursch{at}
Cortleven, Dr. Anne Postdoc 56798, 56796 anne.cortleven{at}
Diederichsen, Dr. Elke Group leader 55810 elked{at}
Engelmann, Jenny Ph.D. student 56874, 56792 j.engelmann{at}
Frank, Manuel Ph.D. student 56798, 56796 mfrank{at}
Grueschow, Gabi Technician 56796 ggrueschow{at}
Guo, Tianqi Ph.D. student 56792 guotianqi03{at}
Haewecker, Heidrun Technician 56796 heidrun.haewecker{at}
Halawa, Dr. Mhyeddeen Postdoc 56873, 56550 mhyeddee{at}
Hammoudi, Dr. Valentin Postdoc 64663 vhammoudi{at}
Heyde, Petra Horticultural engineer 55806,
Hohenstein, Ariane Technician 56798 ariane.hohenstein{at}
Illgen, Dr. Sylvia Postdoc 56881 sylviabolt{at}
Johansson, Dr. Henrik Group leader 56796 hjohansson{at}
Krug, Dr. Maria Graziela Guest scientist 56792 mgkrug{at}
Kunze, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Professor 55802 rkunze{at}
Leonte, Georgeta Ph.D. student 56874, 56792 getta{at}
Leuendorf, Dr. Jan Erik Postdoc 56881, 50099 j.e.leuendorf{at}
Neugebauer, Frank Gardener 55806  
Petrow, Sebastian Technician 55805 spetrow{at}
Pezzetta, Daniela Ph.D. student 56881, 50099 dpezzetta{at}
Schmülling, Prof. Dr. Thomas Professor 55808 tschmue{at}
Schuster, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Professor 56797, 54898 schuwowi{at}
Schwarz, Dr. Ireen Postdoc 56550{at}
Sena, Florencia Ph.D. student 55805 fsena{at}
Thiel, Sabine Secretary 55801 sabthiel{at}
Werner, Dr. Sören Postdoc 56881, 50099 soeren.werner{at}


New publication

A review article about a novel type of stress in plants caused by alteration of the photoperiod has been published in Trends in Plant Science.
September 2017

New publication

An article about the analysis of a cytokinin-responsive gene of Arabidopsis thaliana encoding a novel F-box protein regulating sterol biosynthesis has been published in Journal of Experimental Botany.
May 2017

New publication

A report about constitutively active mutants of the cytokinin receptors AHK2 und AHK3 and their impact on organ size, flowering time, and plant longevity has been published in Plant Physiology.
March 2017

New publication

An article about the role of the transcription factor ERF105 in freezing tolerance and cold acclimation has been published in Plant Cell and Environment.
January 2017
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